Welcome to Collinwood

Well, she'd die happier knowing
you had 15 grand in your pocket.

What are you, sick?
Forget it. I'm not doing it.

Look, you're gonna turn down
15 grand for a Mullinski?

What do you want from me?
I told you, I can't do it.

Let Cosimo rot.
He's the biggest asshole in Collinwood.

- Look, swear you'll never repeat this.
- What?

Swear. Cosimo will kill me
if he ever finds out I told you.

- Come on. All right, I swear.
- Cosimo, he's got this big job lined up.

- Big? How big?
- Huge.

All that's huge about Cosimo
is his fat head.

- He says it's his Bellini.
- His Bellini.

Everybody in this neighborhood's
got a Bellini.

- Hey, Mickey.
- What's up?

- How's your Bellini?
- Watch your mouth.

No. Cosimo's...
Cosimo's is real.
A lifer gave it up to him
in the joint.

That's why he's so desperate
to find a Mullinski.

A lifer gave it up to him?
You see, I figure...
...if we help Cosimo get out, maybe we
can get in on some of the action.

- How much action?
- Cosimo says 300 grand.

- Holy shit.
- Yeah. I know.

I don't know.
Look. How much money did you wake up
with in your pocket this morning?

Fifty-five cents.
What have you got to lose?
- Do you know Leon?
- That Negro who hides his sister?

He's a nut case,
but he always needs dough.