Welcome to Collinwood

They're all hand-painted. By me.
If you're interested.

- Sweet Jesus, I am so broke.
- Funny you should mention that.

You got a job?
Cosimo needs a Mullinski.
He's willing to pay 10 large for it.

Ten large?
That's two bucks a jar.
I can't. It's impossible.
I got the kid, for chrissake.

- Where's your wife?
- Seneca.

They gave her a year for fraud.
Even with a newborn.

They set her fine at 1000 bucks.

We're so broke, she had to do the time.
A year for 1000 bucks. I know.

You know, they've got
a fabulous nursery at Seneca.

- I was born there.
- We're in a real pickle.

We need a Mullinski.
We need one fast.

You're not gonna...
You're not gonna get an ex-con
for grand-theft auto.

You need somebody with a clean record
so the judge'll go easy on him.

Jesus, it's not like
the old days anymore.

You guys know Pero?
Baby coming through.
Baby coming through.

Baby coming through.
Baby-fucking-coming through.

Here, let's put this on you.
- Are you out of your lunatic mind?
- What?

- Cosimo won't share his job with them.
- It was an accident.

- I was talking, my mouth slipped.
- He's gonna kill me for this.

He's gonna kill me.
- I'm not going to prison for that fool.
- Not even for 15 grand?

- You told us 10.
- My boxing career's about to take off.

- You're fighting a priest.
- A tough priest.