Welcome to Collinwood

I think I can get the money.
- How much do you need?
- Just a small loan for a new suit.

I met a nice girl.
I'm gonna ask her to marry me.

You're getting married?
- lf she says yes.
- So how much?

Five hundred dollars.
Five hundred dollars?
It must be some suit.

It's beautiful.
With buttons and shoes.

Well, I hope she can make
an honest man out of you.

At the usual interest?
- At the usual interest.
- We're still better than Leo the Lip.

There are many methods
to cracking a safe.

Each method has an inverse relationship
between quickness and cleanness.

The quickest is Lipchiski Method, named
for its originator, Theodore Lipchiski.

The Lipchiski Method requires a stick
of dynamite and a match. Very quick.

But as we learned when Lipchiski blew
himself up in Toledo, it's not clean.

Hence, I teach the circular-saw method.
Not the quickest, but the cleanest.
You and your loot will emerge unharmed.

This is the method that I was taught.
It is what I believe in.

- You want Lipchiski, go somewhere else.
- The police are here! They're coming!

They were just here. Hide the safe.
- Where?
- Hide the fucking safe. Throw it off.

- We can't move it.
- The cops are here.

You think that's funny?
You son of a bitch.

You little son of a bitch.
Fucking midget.
I'm gonna come out of this chair.

I'm gonna fuck you up.
I hate that fucking kid.