Welcome to Collinwood

Excuse me, gentlemen. It's time.
We ain't done nothing to Cosimo
that he ain't done to somebody else.

- Still don't make it right, I guess.
- He was a good friend to me.

What are you talking about?
He was an asshole.

He'd screw his mother
and not think twice.

Watch your mouth.
It's not about him anyway.

It's about the job.
We worked hard for this thing.

This is our dream
we've been building here.

What's your son gonna eat?
Your guilt?

Who'll pay for that wedding reception?
The memory of Cosimo?

You're the poorest man I ever seen.
Did Cosimo ever help you out?

And you. Are you gonna stay
a bum all your life?

This is about the job, plain and simple.
We all need it to survive.

And there ain't a goddamn thing
we can do to change that.

How you doing?
It's Antwerp.
The tools are ready for tonight.
They're in a duffle bag in a dumpster
in the back of your building. Got it?

Why are you dressed like a priest?
You're an idiot.
You see that?
Babitch smells blood.
Good luck.

- He's putting the screws on us.
- Don't worry.

We pull this job,
we'll all end up in the slammer.

Don't worry about Babitch.
I'll take care of Babitch.

My place, 8:00.
We need this.
We need this.