Welcome to Collinwood

For him.
I'm not good with children.
Listen to me.
I need your help.
I think you're a good person, Rosalind.
You're one of the nicest people I know.

And he needs that.
And I think maybe...
...you need that too.
He's so tiny.
All right, but just for tonight.
I put his things in that box.
If he cries, whistle.
Just whistle to him. He...
Don't worry. You'll see him tomorrow.
If they don't get here in five minutes,
we go without them.

- I'm sorry. Sorry, I'm late.
- What's this? We don't need this.

- It's not a prop. I was beaten.
- Beaten?

By the cops?
No. Oswald.
The guy we stole the camera from.

I ran into him and his brother.
They broke my arm.

- For stealing a camera?
- It was a good camera.

This is a disaster. What are those?
...bitar... Bitartrate.
They're bullshit! I've taken bunches,
and they don't do shit.

You took bunches of these?
What's wrong with you?