Welcome to Collinwood

Oh, my God!
- Carmela.
- Pero?

What a surprise.
How did you find...?

How did you know where to find me?
- Is this your place?
- No, this is much too modest for me.

This is my brother's place.
My brother Mico.
He's an artist. He likes the squalor.

- Hi, Mico. I'm Carmela.
- Hello, young woman.

I'd shake your hands,
but I'm inspecting these bottles.

What's the matter?
I'm afraid of...
I'm afraid of heights.

I wanted to tell you something.
I quit the old ladies tonight. Yeah.
- You'll find another job.
- You would've been so proud of me.

I never told you this before,
but they were really terrible to me.

The things they would make me do.
They're incontinent, for God's sakes.

But then I met you, and you made me
feel like I was worth something.

I thought, " I have Pero. I don't have
to take this crap no more."

So I called them "spoiled babies,"
and they fired me.

They were so upset by it...
...they canceled their stupid trip
to Steubenville tonight.

What? What?
Yeah, but then they went anyway
because they're stubborn old bats.

And I kept the keys.
We should go back and wreck the place.

My, my, my.
She didn't turn the keys in.

Yeah, I heard her, Mico.
You know what? You're very upset.
Maybe I should take you home.

I don't wanna interrupt your bowling.
Won't you miss Pero at bowling?

My arm's broken. I'm not going
to a fucking bowling match!

Poor Mico.
He's so upset because he can't bowl.