White Oleander

...has ever been as clear and sharp
as it was when I belonged to her.

I don't know how to express that being
with someone so dangerous...

...was the last time that I felt safe.
The Santa Anas blew in hot
from the desert that fall.

Only the oleanders thrived.
Maybe the wind was the reason
my mother did what she did.

If it was, I wouldn't have known.
I lived in her shadow then.

She was the most beautiful woman
I'd ever seen.

Everybody thinks that
when they're small...

...but she was the most beautiful woman
most people had ever seen.

He came into our lives without warning.
She ignored him at first.
He wasn't her type.

We laughed about him, his persistence.
"Never let a man spend the night, "
she said. Never apologize, never explain.

She was breaking all her rules.
And it would change everything.

What are you doing up here?
Come sit next to me.
It's the best place to feel the wind.