Yossi & Jagger

Eleven is here, keep on counting
Commannder, Yaniv lost the hand.
Adams, sanitary soldier!
Where is the sanitary soldier?
We are here, we set on a bomb
all night, there are wounded.

What happened?
How many wounded are there?

We have to evacuate, there are wounded,
we need to evacuate!

Who are the wounded?
Is Jagger ok?
I repeat, we have to evacuate
there are wounded,

We need an elichopper
Adams, don't worry,
it's going to be all right.

Hadad, Psycho!
- What do i have to do?
- Push here to stop the emorragy.

Lior, can you hear me?
Are you ok? Talk to me!
Tell me where is the wound,
can't see nothing.

Elicchopper, here 65.
Do you recognize the point 6632?

The elichopper is arriving
i can hear it.

Where is it?
We are 100 meters far
from the landing point.

Where does it hurts? Tell me,
so i can help you.