I will take the case to court
and the Cupbearer will rot in jail!

Get me my gun!
I'll shoot the louse. Hurry!
That does it.
Pay them
for their efforts.
But disarm them.

That's it for today.
You, get out of my way,
or I'll beat you to a pulp!

I'm anxious to do it.
How many of you are hiding there?

Come out here!
Out the hole,
you scoundrels.

Cowards! I will tear
the whole castle down!

Why should I go back there
if you're going to

tear it down tomorrow?
Take me captive and keep me here.

- You surrender?
- I do, sir.

- You heard of my courage?
- Naturally.

- Afraid of me?
- Terribly.

- You'll do as I say?
- Yes, sir.

- Who are you?
- I'm right here.

- What are you then?
- I'm... I'm...

- What do you mean?
- I am my master's emissary.

- The Notary's?
- Indeed.

How very interesting.
Any old nobleman

as soon as he pays
his debts,

feels he must hire
an emissary.

No wonder so many
noble owners

end up servants