May I dare say
a few words?

You're angry cause
your neighbor occasionally...

Occasionally? Always!
- The Notary...
- Not a word about him!

Both sides should give a little.
Forgive, and there will be peace again.

Peace with him?
My dear, dear sir.
The sun will stand still

and the seas will dry up
before there'll be peace between us.

You're upset now,
and making hasty judgments.

May God protect us from wind,
fire, war and men

who bow too low.
- Better low than not at all.
- Nonsense.

- But...
- No buts!

Don't deprive me
of hope, sir.

But I do a hundred times.
I want to hear nothing from him,

or his preacher, else they get
what they deserve.

- The Devil burns in his soul.
- No way to reconcile them.

- Little profit - too much trouble.
- They're like fire and water.

What will happen to us,
young Master?

I'll have to remain
your prisoner.