A Guy Thing

All right, guys. Quiet down.
Kill it.
All right,
I'd like to propose a toast.

To the three rings of marriage.
There's the engagement ring.
There's the wedding ring.
And there's suffering!
To Paul!
Thank you.
Drink! Drink! Drink!
Come on, man.
Loosen up a little.

I'm the uptight lawyer...
but you were always
the crazy one in the family.

- I know.
- Relax and have fun.

My bachelor party...
was the last good time
in my marriage.

Maybe your marriage
didn't work...

because you had too much fun
at the bachelor party.

It didn't work because Deena
was impossible to please.

Your marriage will be fine.
You've got Karen.

And she's beautiful.
Smart. Funny.

She's kind to animals.
She's very, very sexy.
She's got
a great sense of style.

- Pete.
- Yeah?

I'm just a big fan.
I can't believe my little
brother's getting married.

I got to run. I love you.
OK. Hey!