Alien Hunter

- What is that bloody thing?
- I don't know.

I'll record it and we'll pass it on
to the Yanks at Kitt Peak.

Maybe they'll know.
There's a transport leaving
Edwards Air Force Base tonight.

Stops in Panama
and South Georgia Islands.

Then they'll decide
whether to go Rundell Peak...

- Why not?
- Antarctic weather at this time is bad...

- and sometimes you can't get in or out.
- Great.

- Where'd you get this?
- From a radio tech at the Falklands.

One of their satellites intercepted it
two days ago.

- Where is it originating from?
- Antarctic.

It was somewhere in the Ross Ice Shelf,
then it moved farther inland.

- Moved?
- That's what they said.

- What can be boosting it?
- Haven't a fucking clue.

Let's pass it on to NASA.
Here. You're going to need this.
1,200 feet approaching.
The wheels are down and locked.
We're going in.

Gear's down and locked in place.
Let's lock it up.
We're coming in too hard.
I can't see a damn thing.

The lights, I see them.
We're right on top of it.