Alien Hunter

I was his graduate assistant at MIT
and he offered me a position here.

What position is that?
Dr. Brecher warned us about you.
You're not talking about Kate Brecher,
are you?

Dr. Brecher.
Welcome to Rundell Peak.
- Good to see you again, Dr. Gierach.
- Yes.

When John said you were coming,
I was delighted.

I've followed your career off and on.
That's exactly what it's been.
Your time with SETI
must have been memorable.

Yes, my lost-in-space days.
And so, there it is.
In compliance with COMNAP provisions...
we've kept the room at a temperature...
that won't abnormally accelerate
the melting process.

And as you see,
it seems to be melting at an unusual rate.

What do you think is inside it?
My first guess would have been...
a shale slag caught in a glacier.
The radio signal rules that out.
Could it be the work of SETI?
There is no more SETI.
The government has no interest
in the search for extraterrestrial intelligence.

They pulled the funding.
If this is really what it appears to be...
this technology is way beyond
what any of us were working on.

For the sake of argument,
let's say it was placed here...

by something else.
You said it, not me.
Alexie, they need you in the corn lab.
We'll talk later.
What did NASA say when you told them
about this?