Alien Hunter

There's something else.
The primary signal is a cryptographic key...
that unlocks the message
buried in the harmonic.

So I compared the cipher text
against itself...

and the coincidences between
the character strings. A deviation arises...

from strings of intervals divisible by five,
bit repeats at shifts of 70 and 125.

- What the hell are you talking about?
- I'm talking about this.

That? That's a message?
It's part of a message.
This is the great pearl of galactic wisdom...
that we've all been waiting for.
I've been waiting for.
Could there be more to the message
that's not being deciphered?

There could be several cryptographic keys.
Shift intervals can change, strings vary.
Endless possibilities.

But it could still be uniquely random.
- I just don't think so.
- Yes, but it's a possibility.

- Anything's possible.
- I think Julian's right.

- It looks extraterrestrial.
- You're all talking nonsense.

No offense, Nyla.
You wouldn't know an ETI
if it walked up to you and bit you.

Neither would you. So why are you
so goddamn sure that it's not?

Alexie, what do you think?
I agree with Julian.
Anything is possible.
Everybody, I think you better come back
down to the maintenance bay.

There appears to be a crease
in this thing's surface.

Can we open it?
If you can discharge it, I can pry it open.
I can rig up something
to ground the charge.

Maybe that's not a good idea.
It's a way to find out if you're right.
I'm not so sure it's a good idea, either.
There may be pathogenic organisms inside.

- An infection could wipe out all our work.
- The labs are sealed environments.

I say first thing tomorrow morning
we pop this thing open.

If Julian's right, we go down in history.
If I'm right, we eat linguini for a week.
Okay, bring him in.