Alien Hunter

No, it just keeps returning to that.
- What exactly is it doing?
- Trying to speak.

It's a language.
You know, language isn't just used...

as a means to converse...
but also to define an environment
so one can survive in it.

Since time and space is a constant...
any intelligence within that environment
will define it the same.

- But with a different language?
- Yeah.

I mean, mathematics
is the basic expression of any language.

So you just have to find a way
to solve the equations.

That's what it's doing, with the help
of the cryptographic key from the signal.

- It's kind of like MindMaze.
- Like what?

It's a computer game...
where you have to figure out
the math puzzles.

Each time you do, you get a key
that unlocks the door to another world.

Maybe each piece of the message
is its own key.

What do you mean?
Maybe that's how the intervals
are interpreted.

It's a progression...
using the last piece as the new key.
Now we use...
the new interval...
as the next key.
It's working.
- Wait a minute.
- What?