American Splendor

who think they are nerds, to come forward.
So nearly everyone in the place does.
That's the way the movie ends.

- So the nerds won?
- Yes.

All right.
You know, you got this movie,
and I'm getting hitched.

- We both had a good month.
- Right.

- Harvey? Wait!
- Yeah?

How long will you be in Delaware?
Because I'd like to see this movie with you.

I don't know. I'm gonna be gone a week.
But then, I'm gonna have a wife.
So I'm going to have to bring her along, too.

Is it a girl flick?
Depends on the girl.
What kind of girl is your new bride?

Is she a nerd?
I don't know, man.
Maybe, yeah. She's into herbal tea.
I did end up becoming a character
in his comics.

Harvey tends to push
the negative or the sour.

And he can be very depressed,
and therefore very depressing.

Harvey, do you think
you portray Joyce fairly?

Yeah, I think I portray her fairly.
There's some things that she does
that I don't put in there...

for obvious reasons.
I don't wanna get my head cut off.

I think my portrayal is generally
fairly accurate.

There've been stories
that I've participated in...