American Splendor

or things that have happened,
and I've seen them...

as a lot more happy things going on
in there. He just doesn't put that in...

because he just doesn't think
that sunshine and flowers sell.

Is that right?
You always say, "Misery loves company."
You know, I'm just a gloomy guy, that's all.
It's my perspective: Gloom and doom.
And see, I thought I was marrying somebody
with a sense of humor.

I guess I fooled you.
What a crock of shit, man.
- That's not the point.
- You missed the whole point of the movie.

- That's not the point.
- You missed the whole point of the movie.

Where the hell am I supposed to find
the point in garbage?

I agree with Toby.
I think it's a story of hope and tolerance.

Yes, it's about time that the people
who get picked on get to be the heroes.

It's an entertaining flick and all,
and I can see why you like it, Toby.

But those people on the screen
ain't even supposed to be you.

They're college students...
who live with their parents
in big houses in the suburbs.

They're gonna get degrees, get good jobs,
and they're gonna stop being nerds.

Remember what I told you
about loud talking? Use your inside voice.

Look, Toby, the guys in that movie...
are not 28-year-old file clerks
who live with their grandmother...

- in an ethnic ghetto.
- That's enough.

They didn't get their computers
the way you did...

by trading in a bunch of box tops
and $49.50 at the supermarket.

You're funny, Harvey.
I'm getting in the front.
Sure, Toby, fine.
You go to the movies and daydream...

but this Revenge of the Nerds ain't reality.
It's Hollywood bullshit.

Harvey, let him alone.
The thing that I loved about it is
I was transported to another time in my life.

- I like when they took the video cameras...
- lf everyone could see it...

It's the same as the "I Have a Dream"

It's very empowering.
Maybe I was being so harsh on Toby
on account of my own problems.