Anything Else

Remember that? Or when we checked
into that hotel as S. and Z. Fitzgerald.

Or how we made love everywhere.
God, everywhere.

When l think of all the risky places
that lust overcame the two of us,
it blows my mind.

You know Fireside Memorial Chapel
is a McDonald's now?

- Why not?
- l can't.

What do you mean?
lt's not natural.

We never sleep with each other.
l told you l'm going
through a rough patch.

l'll say.
lt's been six months!

l said you could sleep
with other women.

l don't love other women.
l don't want to sleep
with other women. l love you.

What did l do to turn you off?
l don't get it.

Nothing. You did nothing.
lt's always about you.

- You have such an ego.
- An ego?

What do you want me to do?
Grit my teeth, close my eyes,

hold myself stiff
and let you do it to me?

lt's getting to the point
where l may settle for that.

Sometimes l think it's because
you remind me of my father.

You once told me you thought your father
was sexually attractive.

That's not the part of him
you remind me of.

lt's not?
What is it, then?

You know, his professional manner.
Sweet and supportive.
Gee, l'm sorry l have so many
turn-off qualities. l didn't realize.

Sleep with other women.
Just don't tell me about it.