Assassination Tango

They're very competitive
and very, you know...

Yeah. Criticizing.
So, yeah.
I'm kind of like an outsider...
like a black ship.
-Black what?


Ship. Black ship. Black sheep.
Here comes the black ship.
And over here's
the black sheep...

and over here we have
the black ship.

And a sailboat.
But, you know...
The guy you dance with...
now, that's not your husband?
-Come on.
-Your boyfriend?


OK, I'm just curious.
I'm not gonna--

-Why did you guess that?
-I don't know.

I figured down here you dance
with who you're with.

-No. No, you know what I do?

You want to hear
something crazy that I do?

What? What do you do?
Now I can't tell you
what I do.

Tell me.
I discovered that if I buy
my favorite men's perfume...

and I put it on him,
I can dance.

-You can't?
-Yeah, I can dance better.

What happens if you don't
have the perfume on?

I dance OK.
But if he is sprayed
with the perfume that I like...

I just dance like I'm dancing
with somebody else.

he doesn't know this, right?

No, I never told him.
What does your husband do?
-I don't have a husband.
-You don't have a husband?

No, I don't have one.
Do you have a wife?

Kind of, yeah.
-Kind of?
-Kind of.

What that means, kind of?
That means all my life I never
had anything, you know...

and at this age in my life I've
finally decided to settle down.

Just with one?
-With one what?
-One woman.

-Two women.