Belly of the Beast

Listen, there's something else.
- We got a tape today.
- What are you talking about?

There's no two ways to put this.
Jessica and the Winthorpe girl
were kidnapped.

You're kidding.
- Does this have to do...?
- No. Absolutely not.

- They don't even know who Jessica is.
- Well, is it money or...?

We don't know anything yet.
Well, is she okay?
She's alive.
The Abu Karaf can no longer
not do anything...

...when our brothers are tortured
and oppressed.

These prisoners of war
will be executed...

...within a week if our demands
are not met.

All members of the Abu Karaf must
be released with full pardons.

I demand an immediate response!
They got a list of demands
as long as your arm.

We have a good relationship
with General Jantapan.

He favors direct action
and is offering full cooperation.

Gentlemen, I'm sure you understand
the sensitivity of the situation.

We have to ensure
this stays in the family.

Nothing is released without
my express permission.

We must resolve this without harm to
the girls or the reputation of the U.S.

We agree fully.
That's why I'm putting
Agent Washington in charge.

He's been operating
in the area for four years...

...and is more than qualified
for the job.

- Leon?
- Thank you, sir.

The first picture you have there
is the current head of the Abu Karaf.

Name's Mongkol.
Since he took over...
...they've become more hostile
towards the government.