Belly of the Beast

The usual stuff.
Ambushing police patrols,
small rudimentary bombs.

- Anything like this before?
- Nothing, sir.

- Where's their money from?
- Arms, mainly.

- What about this Hopper guy?
- He's a good man, sir.

It's a damn shame his daughter's
caught up in this.

Tom, didn't you work with him?
I trained under him for two years
in Southeast Asia.

- He's been out for 10 years, though.
- Where is he?

He left Honolulu four hours ago.
Lands in Sangoon at 6 a.m.

Sit on him.
If he starts making waves...

...pick him up, send him home.
- Yes, sir.

That's all.
Thank you.
I got a plane to catch.

Taxi service this way, sir.
Come on. Right here.
Excuse me, excuse me.
This way, please.
- Is this your first time in this town?
- No.

Hey, where you come from?
- Far away.
- Far away will be England, right?

Close enough.
All right. If you need something,
just tell me.

- I'll get it for you, you know.
- Okay.

You know, this town,
I'm telling you.

There is the beautiful girls,
like angels.

We have those younger, sexy girls.
We have a lot of bars here.

Not only, we have a specialty
massage here in this town.

It's very nice here.
I just need you to get me
where I asked you, okay?

Yeah, I'm going this place
that you want to go...

...but I want to give you
information about the town.

If you like to drink some beers...
...we have young girls,
look good, here...

...nice brown, black.
You'll see, you'll love it.