Big Fish

-The old lady by the swamp?
-She was a witch.

No, she was old and probably senile.
l saw my death in that eye,
and this isn't how it happens.

So how does it happen?
Surprise ending.
Wouldn't want to ruin it for you.

Your mother thought
we wouldn't talk again.

Look at us. We're talking fine.
We're storytellers, both of us.
l speak mine out,
you write yours down. Same thing.

l hope to talk about some things
while l'm here.

You mean while l'm here.
l just want to know
the true versions of things:

Events. Stories.
Your mother hasn't been
keeping up the pool.

-lf you wanted to, you could fix it.
-Yeah, l will.

-You know where the chemicals are?
-l did it when you were gone.

l was never much for being
at home, Will. Too confining.

And this here, being stuck in bed....
Dying is the worst thing
that's ever happened to me.

-l thought you said you weren't dying.
-l said this isn't how l go.

The last part is much more unusual.
Trust me on that.