Bruce Almighty

do Not drink too. An of you can be necessary drive back
You always was funny, Bruce.
As well As its father.
He worked hard.
Persons look down upon the benefits of a good work Manual.
Leaves the free mind.
Some of the happiest persons of the world,
they leave of the Work with a horrible stench.

Everything well, what is that?
As you know my father, and has the number of the mine Pager?
Oh, I know a lot about you, bruce.
As well As everything that you desire know.
Everything that you already said,
fez, or thought of doing.

Right there in that file.
Uau! An alone, entire drawer pra me?
- Yes.

I can give a look?
- is to its life.

That is going to be lawful.
This last report is perturbador.
Comes face me, God.
God removed me my bird.
God is a wicked urchin,
with a magnifying glass in the hand.

Oh powerful overwhelming!

Friend, I do not like of blasphemies
But this last me fez I laugh.
You me spy?
Who is you?
I am the the only one.
Creator of the heaven and from the land.
THE alfa and the omega.

I See where want arrive.
I am God.