Cabin Fever

I swear...
I loved this place.
I still remember the sounds...

the cracking,
the bouncing.

The smell of the shoes,
the sound of the Q-Bert machine...

Holy shit!
What are you doing?!

- I'm cool.
- Are you spying on us?

- I'm cool.
- Is your dog friendly?

Yeah, he's cool.
This is Dr. Mambo.
Here, boy.

Come on, Dr. Mambo.
Is it "Dr." like a physician
or a professor?

Yeah, he's a professor...
of being a dog.
Oof! Faced!

It's a positive bonfire.
Got room for one more?
Actually, we were having a private
conversation, if you don't mind.

That's cool.
I guess I'll smoke
all this weed by myself.

All: No, no.
It's fine.

It's not that private.
Yeah, sit right here.
Bert: I think he's gonna
fuck her.

Guy: Awesome.
- Wait, so your name was...
- Justin...

- but you can call me "Grim."
- Grim.

Like Grimace?
"Grim" is my skating name.
I got it in Berkeley while
competing in the X-Games.

Really? Karen's going
to go to Berkeley.

I love Berkeley.
People there are so wacked.

I met these guys and they had me
fucked up for five days straight.

They wouldn't let me drink
anything but beer.

Yeah, I've done that,
except I did it with JD.

Karen's got a great idea.
We should only drink beer
for the rest of the trip.

I could probably do that,
but I doubt you could.