Calendar Girls

(women chattering)
(piano plays "Jerusalem")
So, ladies, straight to the high point
of our meeting, our guest speaker.

I'm very pleased to welcome
Alan Rathbone from York,

who's gonna be giving us a talk
on the history of the Milk Marketing Board.

Thank you, Alan.
(Alan) Good evening,
ladies of the Women's Institute.

Ladies, I'd like to welcome
Iris Benton from llkley.

She's come to lead us
through the fascinating world of rugs.

I beg your pardon, Iris. I stand corrected.
It's not just rugs. It's all forms of carpeting.
Thank God. For a minute there
I thought it was going to be dull.

Thank you, Iris.
Our round-the-world cruise
started in September in Skipton,

when we booked the tickets.
That's them. They were a special offer
and it was essential, my wife told me,

to book them before the 25th of the month.
(woman) Thank you.