You said you loved me
Buddy Miller,
sports counselor.

- We have a sports counselor?
- Of course we do.

You gonna play some softball
this summer?

- How you doin', babe?
- Why weren't you on the bus?

My sister drove me here.
l'm staying with her.

My God, your face.
He tried to go to his junior prom
in fishnets and heels.

My junior prom,
l stayed home with
a roll of cookie dough and TV Land.

l watched my junior prom
from outside in the bushes
for three hours.

That's so Stella Dallas.
ls Bert Hanley
really directing here this summer?

l thought he retired.
- l thought he died.
- He might have.

He was supposed to
be here two days ago.

How does that happen?
He used to be huge.

He hasn't had a hit
since Childrehs Crusade.

He never wrote another show.
l hope he directs the benefit
this summer.

What are you singing
for auditions for the first show?

- Doht Raih oh My Parade.
- That's original.

With the tugboat.
What is that supposed to be?
How you doing?
My name's Vlad.
Okay if l use those drawers?
You can go into
anybody's drawers you like.

l don't think
you'll get an argument.

Just ignore him.
That's what he's used to.

l'm Ellen, this is Shaun