Capturing the Friedmans

For my daughter,
for my son-in-law,

and for my 3 grandsons.
I'm thankful that both my
brothers are home, and

I'm most thankful
to my husband, to Arnie.
Anything you want
to say, Mr. Friedman?

Are you guilty?
Did you do all they say you did?
No comment.
I was the first to visit
my brother in prison.

And that was a moment in
my life I'll never forget.

He came into the room.
I was sitting at this
table, a lot of tables,

and they were crowded.
Just awful surroundings.
And he didn't have
his glasses on.

Without his glasses,
he was blind as a bat.

They'd taken them off and
broken them, stepped on them.

He had a smell of urine.
They were throwing urine at him.
They were threatening to
throw him down the stairs.

They knew what
he was in there for.

It was all over the media.
And he was half-blind and
hadn't shaved in two days

and shivering and cold
and scared out of his wits.

The first words out
of his mouth were,

"Howie, they're gonna kill me.
Get me out of here. "

The People versus Arnold
Friedman and Jesse Friedman.

Indictment 67430.
Step up, please.
So began the very first time
cameras were permitted

in a Nassau County courtroom.
Arnold Friedman

and his 18-year-old son Jesse
heard the court clerk read off
a 91-count indictment

charging them with
sodomy and sexual abuse.

Arnold Friedman, how do you
plead to this indictment?

Guilty or not guilty?
Not guilty.
And Jesse Friedman, how do you
plead to this indictment?

Not guilty.
My brother and Jesse kept
saying they're innocent.

"This is trumped up charges. "
And they got
a McMartin's, you know?

They somehow got one kid to,
they got the police to be
able to convince the kids,