Chalte Chalte

They'll kill me
Hey who's this with Depak
l think a Girl
Thanks man Thanks
Handle it ok
Hey buddy how are you
Hey Boy
Meet Aditiya and she's
his beautyful wife Rashmi

He's Vivake still looking for a girl
And meet my fieance Shetal
You've got engaged and
didnt even tell us

What a friend you are?
Everything happened so urgently
Even i didnt got the chance to
know that i got engaged

You allways do'nt know anything
Wait Wait Stop
Please sit sit
You are here first time please sit
Hey Vivake whats the matter
saleem called us

all hear and didnt tell the reason
You know the reason why we are here
He always keeps a suspense
Hello Saleem where are you we are all
waiting for you over here

You are stuck in Trafic
Come fast man just come
Still stuck in the tarfic
He always have same
excuse of getting late

Hey whats this book?
Love Story (Beric Segal)
lts a beautyful book
You know if we same love story
in our real life it will be a pleasure

Here we go!
Depak you did'nt tell her
the love story of our Raj?

No man did'nt got the chance
You are mad
lf you would have told her
she would'nt be talking like this

You are trying say that this romance
in books also exist in real life

l dont belive it.
First listen then get to
some conclusions

l'll tell you how they met
Hey hold on a second
you are going on and on

Hey before telling the love story
tell her something about Raj

Wait Wait
Hey i'll tell no i'll tell

Ok you tell
Ok see Raj is from panjab
His father is a farmer over there
So Raj also do farming there
No No Raj wants to be an engineer
thats why he came to the city

Oh you mean Raj is an engineer
No No Raj came here for engineering
but his mind was in exporting business