Chin gei bin

You take a rest,
I won't disturb you further.

How dare u... This time let
u kiss, no more next time...

What did u say just now?
Hey, why looking for me so urgently?
Tonight I am going to
tell u honestly who I am.

You better dun give me the creeps.
I'll be angry.

I just want to tell u, I am not human.
You are not humanly dare
u behave like that when talking to me.

I am a vampire. Look at my eyes ...
Quite nice,
where u buy those contact lens?

Vampires suck blood this way.
You think I don't know what u want.
You must be thinking of how to ditch me.

But I am really a vampire.
Would u love a vampire?

So what?
Can a vampire ditch a person?