City of Ghosts

Well, we do have insurance,
thank God.

I expect it'll take time...
but, you know, eventually,
we'll have our house back.

We've got insurance, so...
The governor
of North Carolina...

has declared a state
of emergency in several...

Jimmy, we've got a real
mess on our hands.

I've been trying
to contact Mr. Nagel.

Jimmy Cremmins?
Yeah, I am.
What's going on here?
I'm Agent Burden
with the F.B.I.

This is Agent Philips.
Can we have a word with you?

Who's supposed
to be in charge...

of business operations?
Mr. Nagel.
Do you have any idea
where we might find him?

He was based overseas.
He called nearly every day.
I just never--
I never met him in person.
We'll need you
to come down to the office...

to answer a few more questions.
Let's go over it one more time.
I answered an ad...
in "The Tribune."
Capable Trust was looking
to fill some positions for...

North American
headquarters, and...

Well, they hired the right guy.
You're a hell
of a salesman, Jimmy.

Were there any other
offshore accounts...

besides the ones in
Zurich and the Caymans?

No. Not to my knowledge.
So they were the accounts you
would draw from to pay claims.

It's gonna be tough
to pay those claims, Jimmy.

Those accounts are empty.
It's not your fault,
of course...

but it is a shame.
All those innocent people
lost their homes.

And you have no idea...
where we can find
this Mr. Nagel?

Don't you want
to help us, Jimmy?

What do you think?
Of course I do.
Mr. Nagel--
the name keeps coming up.

He wasn't lying.
I ran a check.

There was an ad in "The Tribune"
classified section...