* e u r o f i l e s *

* t E A M . L o V E i N A *

e N J o y & q u i T . s m o k i N g

So, I'm dead...
and I think it's because
of this redhead.

Do you know who I am, Jake?
The Antichrist?
I'm just a guy
looking for some answers.

Hey, you know, pal,
ain't we all?

Things are probably gonna
end bad for you tonight, Jake.

Yeah, I'm starting
to get that feeling.

Is your life flashing
before your eyes?

Just the last three weeks.

It's not a bad place to start.
Calm down, okay? I'm sorry.
I lost my head in there,
I don't know what happened.

You fucking shot him,
that's what happened.

What other fucking choice do I have?
The motherfucker was gonna welch.

Did you not hear him?
Did you not see him?

I can't be here, man,
do you understand me?

- I can't fucking be here!
- Listen to me, all right?

It went to shit,
that happens sometimes.

- Oh, fuck, man!
- You're not listening, Lionel.

We can still get through this,
we still have some time,

but I need you
to use your fucking head,

and I need you to trust me.
Can you do that?
Let's go!
Come on, let's hustle it up.