Come on,
grab his feet, will you?

Lionel, he's dead, all right?
Maybe you didn't pull the trigger,

but you were standing right there
and you saw me do it.

Now grab his fucking legs.
Hey, you wanna help, then help.
If not, shut your piehole.

Your mess!
Do me a favor, please,
shut your fucking mouth.

My place.
Maybe now,
you'll shut the fuck up.

You think this kind of shit
hasn't happened here before?

Given, it's usually on Wednesday and
usually I tell the cops,

"No, officer, I didn't get
a good look at the shooters."

Usually, anyway...
I swear to God,
I didn't see anything.

You let me go,
I won't say a word, I promise.

Don't get hysterical on us, sweetheart, all

I can't fucking be here!
Then you know what, Lionel,
maybe you should go.

What about the money?
What about this situation
makes you think

I can answer that question,
right now?

Fuck! Fuck!
Freeze, you motherfucking
cocksucking scumbags!

All right, guys,
stop waving those things...

What took you so fucking long?
Jesus Christ!

It's like 100 degrees in here
and I'm lying in this shit forever.

What the fuck! You guys were late,
we had to go to a Mexican stand-off.

We had to go to gunplay.
Gentlemen, that isn't our racket.

We were busy fighting crime.
You're keeping the streets safe
from pedophiles and drug dealers?

Oh! Goddamn it.
I told you, you're using too much powder,
look at my fucking shirt.

I understand,
but you know something?

You don't get
the nice splatter effect.

Look at this splatter effect.
The ones with blood
come out of your cut.

- I can live with that.
- Hey, Jake,

when do I get
to play the inside?