Cuore altrove, Il

This is your bed!
Dinner is at
8 o'clock sharp.

Not in pyjamas.
Domenico Riccio.
It's a pleasure. Nice to meet you.
Nello Balocchi, Roman.
-You're from Rome! -I'm from Naples!
-Professor of what subject?
-Latin and Greek.
-I'm a barber.
-That must take great skill.
No, it's a job like any other.
Father told me not to be too trusting.
He made inquiries.
-About what?
-He has lots friends .-Thanks to the Curia.
-Inquiries about what?
-About you.-Why about me?
My Uncle Renato went to
Prato to choose fabrics.

He spent 1 night there
sharing his room with a merchant.
When he left he was normal
but when he came back

he'd changed.
-He was an invert.
-Don't laugh.
It was a tragedy for our family.
Now they're afraid that
I could change too.

This is why my father made inquiries.
Everything's in order you're not an invert.
What are you doing?
Where can I hide this?
-What is it?
Here's the professor.
He's very elegant.
-Introduce yourselves.
-Welcome to Bologna.
Tina, the soup.
-No, I don't drink.
-Try it.
We heard your father
dressed the Pope.
He dressed Pius X Benedetto XV and Pius XI.