Cuore altrove, Il

Come over here. Forward.
The stick brushes against the
obstacles, but not like that!
-She was notified.
-Thank you.
I'm here.
-Me too.
-Your hand, please.
-I'm happy.
-Me too.
I thought we could do the
following, if you agree.

At four, there's a talk
on Guido Guinizelli and
the "Dolce Stil Nuovo".

-At six...
-Whose is this carriage?
-You've not hired it.
So we can go anywhere we want?
If we wish, yes.
I say we pass by the
hunting club.
It's full of interesting people
people at this hour.
Then, who knows?
It must cost a fortune.
You're rich, right?
No other professor at the Galvani
had their own carriage.
I like rich people.
-You think badly of me, right?
-No, why?
Well, how rich are you?
I don't know. It depends on my
father, my mother...
On Uncle Renato.
They drew up a bequest in my name,
but first they've all got to die.
-Not all on the same day.
-I'm sure!
It was a quip.
I make lots of them,
but if you don't like them,
I'll stop.