Darkness Falls

Me neither.
Well, this was a bad idea.
Caitlin says that when you grow up,
you're not afraid of the dark anymore.

-ls that true?

Why not?
Because you grow up and you realize
that there's nothing to be afraid of.

Then why are you still afraid?
Well, sometimes old habits die hard.
You wanna see something?
This flashlight, it's my peace of mind.

She won't come in the light.
-You know who.

No. l don't know who.
Yes, you do.
You've seen her too.
Why would you say
something like that, Michael?

Because it's the truth.
Sometimes l think of
turning off all the lights...

...and letting her come and take me.
Sometimes l think that would be
easier than being so scared.

Did you ever think that?