Darkness Falls

l hate to ask you this, but...
...when your mother died,
what really happened to you?

Cat, it's--
-Because it seems like it's the same--

-But the things he says--
-They're just things.

But these....
-Did Michael just lose a tooth?

Yes, his last one.
Come on, Kyle. You don't
still believe that, do you?

l mean, we all grew up with it,
but it was just a story to scare us.

l'm sorry, Caitlin.
This was a mistake.
Look, will you just--?
Wait a minute, please.

l don't think l know how
to help Michael.

Hey, Catey.
You came. That's terrific.
lt's great to see you, buddy.
All right.

l came straight from work.
So is there any reason
for us to panic, or what?

No, no.
Good. Good.
Well, that's what l keep telling Catey.

We have some of the best doctors
in the state in this hospital.

How about l take you two guys
out to dinner tonight?

What do you say? We can
celebrate the prodigal's return.

l think l'm just gonna
stay here with Michael.