Darkness Falls

Okay. Yeah.
Well, good night, honey.

l'm sorry.
Well, Kyle, what do you feel like doing?
l feel like l've been here
too long already.

-Wait. We could go to The lnn, right?
-l don't drink.

Come on, Kyle. l haven't
seen you in 1 2 years, man.

One drink's not gonna
kill anybody, right?

Where's Kyle?
He left.
ls he coming back?
l don't know.
-Walsh, what's going on, man?
-Relax, buddy.

You'll survive one drink, right?
Beer okay?

-Oh, Jesus.

-Long time no see, Walsh.
-Hey, Dave. Two drafts.

-Fleishman, who's your date?
-Remember Kyle? Thank you.

-Kyle, as in Kyle Walsh.
-That's right, Ray.

That's him in the flesh.
Thank you, Dave.

Where you going, man? Sit down.
l bought you a beer.

l figured you'd like this one.
lt's a light.

You should have told me
you were coming back.

-l didn't know you'd still be here.
-You left a lot of shit behind.