Darkness Falls

-What's wrong?
-That's the freak who killed his mother.

So come on, man.
What you been doing with yourself?

-l'm in the gaming industry.
-Larry Fleishman, attorney at law.

You're an attorney?
You stole more candy than anyone
in the history of stealing.

That's why l'm a defense attorney.
So come on, Kyle, give.
What are you really doing back here?

l came to see if l could help Michael.
You don't look like
you can help anybody.

Wanna tell me how you got over it?
You did get over it, right?

She's got a whole new life now.
This whole thing with Mikey....
What the hell are you
doing back here, freak?

l thought they locked
you up for killing your mama.

l don't want any trouble, all right?
Oh, yeah? Well, trouble.
That's tough! Come on, you chickenshit.
-Hey, come on.
-Kick his ass, Ray.

You want a piece?
-Come on. Take a shot.
-Leave him alone, man.

Oh, yeah, keep walking.
You guys see that?