Darkness Falls

Ray and l were just sitting there,
having drinks...

...and Walsh starts fighting
with Ray....

-Where are my flashlights?
-Lab's not done with them.

That's all you remember?
The words you're looking for
are ''thank you.''

Hey, Kyle! Kyle, wait up!
l'm having a bad day, Kyle.
l had a dead guy fall on me.

You want to tell me where
you're going, huh? Kyle?

-How about a pistola? Huh?

Wait here a minute.
-Okay, now what?
-Where's your car?

-l need a ride. Now!

Yeah. Car's over here. Hey, man,
you've been released into my custody.

-lt's 5:35, Larry.

The sun sets in 20 minutes. You've got
20 minutes to get me to the hospital.

We're almost set up.
lt'll just be another 1 5 minutes.

-Where's the other doctor?
-He had to get back upstate.

So you'll be doing this?
Why did you come back?
Do you know how long l've tried
to get through to her?

Her brother's always there
and then the ghost.