Darkness Falls

-Michael, it'll be okay.
-l got a car waiting.

Stop resisting, Walsh.
Stop resisting.
Don't put him in the dark.
-Come on.
-Michael was right.

You have to believe me.
-Let's see your lawyer get you out.
-That'll be tough...

...since my lawyer's in pieces
on Ponus Avenue.

ls that a confession?
Okay, l'll give this a shot.
l saw something when l was 1 0. You
heard the stories as a kid. We all did.

l saw her kill my mother. And once
you've seen her, she doesn't stop.

l've stayed in the light since.
lt's the only way to be safe.

Michael has seen her too,
and she's coming for us.

l thought you'd say something
like that.

How many unsolved murders
have you had?

Not just this year,
but in the last 1 00?

How many of them involved children?
You're crazy, Walsh.
Crazy isn't what it used to be.
Yeah, Dad? We got him.
-What the hell's going on?
-No, no.

We're all gonna die.