Deliver Us from Eva

young, gifted and dead.
These are my remains.
And these three
mournful brothers,

they're the men who killed me.
Aw, they look so sad,
don't they?

But this is how
they really feel.

But they're not
the real reason I'm dead.

These are their women.
Fine, ain't they?

Some families
are blessed with great genes,

and the Dandridge sisters
had it all.

But they're not the reason
I'm dead either. She is.

How did this sweet-faced woman
cause a man to die?

Well, it began six months ago.
Go! Go! Go!

- Now Howard comes up the middle,
- breaks the tackle and gets the first down.
Hey, baby, that's really nice of you,
sweetie, but we already have some food here.

- What are you doing in here?
- Trying to watch the game that's right behind you.

My book club is meeting
in here tonight.

Baby, remember when we
talked last month?

You said it was okay
if we watched the game.

Oh, yeah. Eva changed all that.
She was supposed to tell you.

- Well, she didn't.
- Hey, it's the men. What are you doing here?

Are you joining our book club?
It's gonna be very enlightening.

Sweetness, precious,

Would it be okay, you know, if you
could take it in the other room?

- Because we're all settled in.
- Yeah, the other room.

- Well, I guess we could.
- You got a great girl!

I love you, baby.
No! No, we cannot!

Oh, yeah- Oh.
Michael, Timothy, Darrell.
Our book club
is reading Beloved,

and we're gonna need the television
to watch the film when we're done.

Oh, yeah, that's right,
honey. We need the room.

You did not tell me you wanted
to use the room in my house, Eva.

Well, I'm telling you
right now, Timothy.