Deliver Us from Eva

somebody that can help her
with her personality problems.

What she needs is a dude that can hit that
ass till she starts speaking in tongues.

- Amen.
Right, right, right.
Can Ray do that?

Okay, later,
after we finish doing it,

we're gonna lie together and hold
each other and talk for a while, right?

Okay. We can do it, but
I have to study. Come on.

Eva says if I stick to a study schedule
- Don't say the "E" word.

- Not in this house.
- I have to stick to my study schedule, okay?

All of us agreed. What is
with you Dandridge women?

I love my sisters, okay?
I'm sorry.

I love you too.
It's just in a different way.

Okay. Then I demand that you love
me the same way that you love them.

You and them-
it's like apples and oranges.

What? Lady, I am your husband,
okay? I pledged my life to you...

before God and a bunch of ugly
- ass relatives I don't even like.

I gave up all my wild ways for you,
and, baby, I had a hell of a lot of them.

I never told you about the roses and the
butt-naked midgets or none of that shit.

I had midget pros in different area codes. Uh
- huh.

Therefore, I demands
to be a damn orange.

You can stop playing now.
You know what? Fine.

If a brother can't be an orange,
then you're cut off.

I'm cut off? For real?
Yeah. That's right. Back up.

I'm cut off? You gonna
cut me off? Don't touch me.

Don't do that. Don't do it. Oh, damn.
Don't do this. Don't.
Oh, damn,
the flesh is weak. Oh.

Right there.
- I have a dreadful problem. I need your help.
- Gosh, you're doing it.
- How the hell did you get in here?

Jacqui gave me a key
in case of an emergency.

- Are you okay?
- Don't mind us. We're just having sex.

So I should just come back in,
what, two minutes?