Deliver Us from Eva

Aw, come on, honey. Sing
it with me. Please? No.

It's our theme song. Aw, party
- poop. No. No. No. No.

Hey, I'm in here! Get out of

I hate that damn song!
Yeah! Smell that! Ew!

This is Ray Adams,
y'all. What's happening?

I thought you moved to Florida. I did.
I worked at a car dealership down
there, but that was a year ago.

I never keep a job
more than a year.

- I work for Jomo's Meats in L.A. now.
- I know Jomo's.

Why do you quit your job every
year? What's that about, brother?

Well, I have to service
my many talents. Oh.

I was brought up an orphan.
No mama, no daddy.

No ties.
That's how I do it.

If you guys hadn't noticed,
Ray is quite the player.

- As we saw the other night.
- Yeah. Love your work, baby.

You ought to be exempt
from taxes for that shit.

Nothing Mike couldn't do. No,
I turned in my player card.

I'm practically engaged to
a beautiful woman named Bethany.

Thank you, thank you.