Deliver Us from Eva

No, this is
a female sanctuary.

- Way the whole world ought to be.
Ain't that right, ladies? - Mm-hmm.

See you.

Get some milk for them cornflakes. Hey.
You should start making him take better care
ofhimself if you guys are gonna get married.

He should get a colonic or see a
specialist. And I know a good one.

Hey, got your order.
Where do you want it?

Freezer number one.
Make sure you stack them neatly.

Excuse me.
Where's Leonard?

He's sick. I'm Oscar,
the assistant manager.

Okay, Oscar, I'm Inspector
Dandridge from the health department.

Yes, I've heard about you.
Good. Then you know the drill.

Let's get clean.
It does not look good,

I found contamination
in red zones.

Your glass freezer door
has a hairline break in it.

And I found black pellets behind
the food containers in the back.

That is probably just graphite
from the new units we put in.

Your water's only 105 degrees.
Can you just let that slide?

The requirement is 110,
because science tells us...

at that temperature all
dangerous organisms will die.

That means in your water, some will
live. And not just any germs, Oscar.

No. The bad-ass ones, the ones that can
swim in 1 05- degree-temperature water...

and live to party on
some child's french fries.