but I don't know about all the zippers.
I think they want to make a deal.
I don't know.
They seemed incredibly cautious to me.
Try the other ones. - They want to be cold,
and businesslike

but they don't know shit.
What's up with that Hervé guy?
He's such a dick. - Except for Diane.
Yeah, she seems smart.
Will you try these on.
They're your size, I'm sure they'll fit.
I think Diane should work with us.
I think we need her.
Elise, do you have any idea how we can approach Diane?
No, no idea.
You don't like her very much, do you?
I hate her guts.
I think I look great in these boots.
Had any response?
Asia was enthusiastic.
That chain of department stores Seibu...

I heard.
- I saw W magazine's editor.

She gave me a big smile.
- Thank you, Hans.

Excuse me.
Excuse me please.
This is bullshit... Can I have some more ice please?
I'm giving the guy 5 more minutes,
then I'm out of here.

I'd like thank them for their patience,
but now that they're here,
I'd like to clarify one final issue.