Donggabnaegi gwawoehagi

You ate without any money?
What are you yelling for?
We'll go to the bank
and get you the money.

You want me to buy that?
Then, leave one of them here.
I'd prefer the stronger one.
Stronger one?
Lift the freeze on the card now.
Otherwise, I can't guarantee
your daughter's safety.

I'll cut her throat!
Did I do well?
Are you trying to screw me?
Why on earth would I screw you?
It's not our fault
she's been kidnapped.

Shut up, you fucking pig!
You're chewing the phone,
aren't you?

We'll take care of this, okay?
Sure. Bye.
What'd he say?
Turn around.
She used a downtown ATM.

Fucking bitch!
Aren't those squid?
We're fucked!
What are those doing here?
What the fuck!
You're not going anywhere
before paying for them!