Donggabnaegi gwawoehagi

It was huge.
- Their faces?
- No, their dicks!

They must still be in the area.
Close down the beach!
Move out!

To the beach!
Arrest anybody who's suspicious
at the beach!

We're up next.
Comrade LIM.
This is our only ticket home.
You've got to win 1st prize.
Don't worry.
I'm gonna sing something
that will blow them away.

I've been practicing it
for a day like this.

It'll make them go wild.
Mr. LIM Dong-hae!
You just sing well.
Leave the rest to me.
Leave what to you?
Where are you from?
Across the sea.
I'm LIM Dong-hae.

I'm CHOI Baek-du.
Oh, you must live abroad.
So what are you singing for us?
You'll find out soon.
You'll find out soon?
Oh, it must be a new song.
Give it up for these gentlemen.
'You'll find out soon'!

Let's go!
Those who know how to have fun,
you're true champions

It's a festival for everybody
No taking sides is allowed

If you can't scream, go home
Let's get together
and dance like hell