Being a landlord
doesn't give you the right

to enter your tenant's premises
anytime you feel like it.

l just wanted my friends
to have a look-see.

You were supposed to be
at the church performing .

Heavens no.
lt's next Friday.

We've got a big week
of practice ahead of us.

You terrified the poor woman .
Mrs. Connelly, you can press
charges if you want.

No, l don't want to do that.
They're such a nice couple.
Good night, now.

Good night, Mrs. Connelly.
l'm gonna be watching
the two of you very closely.

-Hey, Alex, right?
-Hey, Chick.

How you doing?
Brought you a housewarming gift.

Oh , that's so sweet.
Well , look,
this is very tasteful stuff.

You know, for couples.
That is so thoughtful .
Thank you .

My card's inside ''Ass Patrol ,''
in case you need more.

Take it easy.
-Thanks for the party.

l got an award for this one.
She was supposed to be
at church .

You can't fire me
because you got maced .

Believe me.
l wish that's why
l was firing you .

Did you happen to see
the restaurant hot list?

Oh , my God .
So. . .
How's Mr. Peabody doing?
Oh .
Oh , no, no, no.

There's no napping right now.
You have to finish your book.
We need money. l got fired .

Yeah , l know.
l saw it.

Oh , you saw it.