lf you ask me, you two have got
some sort of bug .



Thank God Officer Dan took me
to have a flu shot last week.

Upchuck is a delicacy
for Little Dick.

He's salivating .
He's salivating .
How much can we get, Kenneth?
That depends on how far you're
willing to drop the price.

First of all , you way overpaid .
And then you got that tenant.
You said
she was a sweet old lady.

Oh , l can't imagine those words
coming out of my mouth .

So you're saying that we're
stuck in this hellhole?

Yeah . Unless you're willing
to take a huge, huge loss.

How huge?
Huge, huge.
We're just totally
screwed , right?

Yeah . l would say
screwed is apt.

Do you think that Jean would
ever give you a second chance?

No, it's over.

Besides, how could l have time
to rewrite my novel

and still do my faithful
servant duty to her

as her little
indentured servant person ,

her little butt boy?
l mean , l got a lot of duties.
'Cause she might need me
to count grapes with her

or help her fix her heater
or go take her to the laundry.

Or l gotta go help her
clean her banana skins

and l gotta go help her
clean out her garbage

or go and wipe her ass!
God forbid she should have
any shit hanging off her ass!

-No. Really.

'Cause then l gotta run
like a little bunny

and l have to go up there and
l gotta go wipe her little ass.

And then l have to go, ''Oh ,
good for you , Mrs. Connelly,

for having such a nice,
little poopy.

You got some poopy
on your diapie?

Ooh , let me go and clean it off
with my tongue!''

Excuse me, sir.
l mean , enough is enough !
Excuse me.
Off we go, Dickey boy.
Okay, come on .
We don't have that much time.

l know.
She's running errands.

That only gives us 1 2 hours.
You , there.
Me, there.