Easy Six

You won a lot of money.
Looking for some place to spend it?

No? Here, l'll tell you what.
You want to spend it somewhere, you
want to go somewhere, let me know.

You should give me a buck.
l can win a lot of money for you.

l feel this thing is going to win.
lt 's going to hit. Look!

there is somewhere
l'd like to go.

Well, let me take you there.
l got a sweet limo.
lt 's a1965. Last of them left.
So, what were you playing?

Oh, craps. A big buddy of mine,
Jason, is a big craps player.

ln Nam, he caught a chunk
of VC shrapnel...

right in the temple.
Doctors wouldn't remove it 'cause
they thought it would kill him...

so they left it in.
Only thing is now he can't get
too close to a magnetic field.

lt gives him a big
fucking headache.

But Jason's a craps player, right?
So he's got to stand
in the middle of the crap table.

.Do you want to ask why?

Because each end of the craps table
is magnetized.

So if he gets too close to the ends,
he gets a big fucking headache.

You look surprised.
Fixes in.
When a table gets on a roll,
the house switches out the dice.

They drop a pair of tricked dice
with metal in it...

make it turn sevens on their own,
and bust the table.

My buddy, poor sucker.
l gotta tell you:
he loses money like crazy.

l mean screaming crazy.
lf he knows it 's fakes, why doesn't
he bet the house? l did.

The guy's got a big piece of metal
in his fucking head.

Me, l want to sue him, but l can't
find a lawyer, and he'll resent me.